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Since the preparation of proper construction drawings is very important, during the workshop the proper preparation of plumbing plans (drawings) will also be discussed, and the attendees should also know the basics of quantity take-off of waterline system fittings.

Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Low-Cost Water Supply Systems/Scheme

Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Low-Cost Water Supply Systems/Scheme

Course Description:

The Water Distribution System Design Workshop for Mid & High-rise Buildings is not limited to lessons on how to prepare design drawings and calculations, but also includes discussions that will start from what are the common sources of Water Supply, the ideal Method of Water Distribution System to be used in buildings of different types of occupancy. Since the preparation of Proper Construction Drawings is very important, during the Workshop, proper preparation of Plumbing Plans (Drawings) will also be discussed, the attendees should also know the Basics in Quantity Take-off of Waterline System Fittings. Lastly, the Workshop will be focussed on the “Step by Step Procedure of How to Design the Components of a Domestic Water Distribution System from Tanks to Pumps.


To update them on the latest and modern methods in Building Design and Construction, especially, the trend now in Construction Sites is Multi Tasking. The Programs will also help our professionals know how to comply with Green Building Codes and Ordinances pertaining to Sustainability System Design.


1. Technical Introduction

2. What are the common sources of Domestic Water Supply.

What are the most popular methods of Domestic Water Supply Distribution Systems for Mid-rise &

High-rise Buildings.

2.1. Up-feed System

2.2. Down-feed System

3. Techniques in Waterline System Piping Layout

4. Plumbing legends & symbols review

5. Plumbing fixtures mounting dimensions standards

6. How to draw proper Waterline System Piping Layout, Isometric view & Schematic Diagrams

7. Techniques in Waterline System Fittings Quantity Take-off

8. Step by Step Procedure on How to Design Domestic Water Distribution System for Mid & High-rise Buildings

8.1. Discuss the most IDEAL Building Water Distribution Systems to adopt for Mid & High-rise Buildings & their components

8.2. How to size-up Domestic Water Reserve Storage Tank

8.3. How to size up Elevated Water Tank

8.4. How to size up waterline pipes (risers/down-feeds, branch lines) using Velocity Limitation Method with the aid of the Tables & Charts found in Local & International Plumbing Codes.

8.5. Discuss the difference, advantages, and disadvantages of inverter-controlled constant pressure booster pumping system and the traditional hydropneumatic tank system

8.6. How to determine the capacity of the Transfer Pump

8.7. How to determine the capacity of the Booster Pump

8.8. How to size-up Pressure Tank & a Bladder Tank

8.9. Question and Answer Portion


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