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This course will provide participants a much-needed knowledge of computer hardware and networking, enabling them to identify and rectify the onboard computer hardware, software, and network-related problems.


Computer Hardware, Software, and Network Design, Installation, Operations, and Maintenance


This course will provide participants a much-needed knowledge of computer hardware and networking, enabling them to identify and rectify the onboard computer hardware, software, and network-related problems.  With the help of this course the participant will be able to understand the hardware specifications that are required to run operating system and various shipboard application programs.  Also, upgrading of existing hardware / software as and when required.


  • understand basic concept & structure of computer hardware & networking
  • identify the existing configuration of the computers and peripherals
  • upgrading same as and when required
  • apply their knowledge about computer peripherals to identify / rectify problems onboard
  • integrate the PCs into Local Area Network & re-install operating systems and various shipboard applications.
  • perform routine maintenance, upgrades
  • manage data backup & restore operations on server and update anti-virus software and set schedules


Computer Basics

• Introduction to Computers

• History Behind Computers

How Computer Works

• What are Computer Softwares

• How Computers Softwares Works

• Different kind of softwares available in market

• MS Word

• MS Excel

• MS PowerPoint

• MS Outlook and outlook express

• System Control Panel

Microsoft Operating Systems

• What is operating systems

• Different kind of operating systems

• How operating Systems Works

• Difference between Operating system and other softwares

Installation of Operating System and softwares

• What is Windows

• How to Install Windows Operating System

• Introduction to Windows 7 & 8

• Introduction to Windows 10

• What are Windows Boot Files

• Creating Windows Partition

• Creating Logical Drives

• How to format Disks

• How to make computer bootable without windows

• what is windows authentication

• Creating Admin Accounts and Passwords while Installation

• Completing Windows Installation

Introduction To Computer Hardware

• What is Mother Board

• What is Processor

• What is RAM (random access memory)

• What is ROM (read only memory) and CMOS

• What is Hard Disk Drive

• What is CD/ DVD-ROM and Writers

• What is Cabinets and SMPS (Power Supplies)

• How Keyboards and Mouse Works

• How to assemble above hardware

• Difference between in Input and Output Devices

• How Monitors Works

• Advance Troubleshooting of above hardware

• How to Maintain Computers for high performance

• how to properly de-assemble a computer

• Upgrades in Computer’s hardware and softwares

Installation of Drivers

• What is Drivers

• How to Install Different Drivers

• pc ready to work with

• Installation of 3rd party softwares

• Creating mail accounts in Microsoft outlook and Outlook Express

Introduction to Networking

• What is a Network

• What is a Network Adapter

• What is LAN (local area network)

• What is WAN (Wide Area Network)

• ADSL and Broadband’s

• What are websites and how they works

• Introduction to TCP/IP Protocols

• Introduction to File sharing Protocols

• Client for Microsoft Networks

Introduction To IP Addresses

• What are IP Addresses

• Different Classes of IP Address

• Local and Live IP Address

• How to Assign IP Address

• What is a subnet mask

• What is Gateway and how it works

• What are DNS (Domain Name System)

• How to Assign Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS

Creating Workgroups

• What is a Workgroup

• How to create Workgroups

• How to create name

• Join computers in workgroups

• Data Sharing

• Drives Sharing

Servers (ADVANCED)

• What are servers

• Different kind of servers

• Different Works of servers

• Installation of Windows Servers 2003 and 2008

• Server Troubleshooting

Active Directory or DNS

• What is active directory

• work of active directory

• Running DCPromo Command on windows servers

• Installation of Domain Controller

• Creating Users n DC

• Standard / Limited Users and Administrators

• Password Policies in DC

• Users Right Assignments in DC

• Joining of clients to DC servers

• Creation of Group Policies on DC servers

• Security Confirmation on DC Servers

• Different Groups Different Policies

Introduction to Wireless Technologies

• What are wireless Routes

• How to start Wireless Routers

• WEP and WAP Securities


• What is Firewalls

• Basic Firewall Structure

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